Growing up around farming has meant that I have always been interested in machinery, and at the age of 14 I purchased my first tractors – 2 Ferguson TED 20s. I worked and saved hard in order to buy these, and had an immense feeling of satisfaction knowing that I had purchased them with my own money. It was at that point that you could say that I was ‘bitten by the bug’ and have since been collecting most things Ferguson I came across.

Going through University meant that I was restricted to ‘playing’ with machinery during holidays, and from September 2007 onwards, when I finish my Msc, I am hoping to devote a bit more time to the collection (as work allows!). Despite this, the collection has grown steadily over the last 9 years to include a number of the widely used Ferguson Implements, although I recently sold some of my rarer items.

At Rhodds’s Farm all of the machinery has to earn its keep and is used on a regular basis. Odd items have been restored as and when required, but they are all still in their ‘working clothes’ and nothing has been painted by ourselves.

This section of the Rhodds's Farm website is devoted to my collection, and will (when completed!) have details and photographs of my tractors, each of the implements I have (and some of the accessories), of the machinery working and links to some of the best tractor resources on the internet.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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