TED 377593
Built at Coventry on Wednesday 2nd March 1954
This 1954 Petrol Pariffin TED Ferguson was found languishing in a hedge in Creeting near Stowmarket in Suffolk, and was purchased as a pair with the other TED in 1998.
The tractor, having sat out for over 20 years was not in extremely bad condition; the tin work was reasonable and the engine turned.Only the remainders of a Lucus lighting kit could be seen, and all but one of the lights had been removed. The shelter that the hedge provided proved vital in protecting this tractor from the brunt of the elements.
The tractor was put into the workshop and new points, plugs and condenser were fitted; a new battery lead was found; the throttle mechanism was freed; the tank was filled up with petrol and a large battery was connected up. After turning over four or five times, the tractor fired and started, over 20 years since it had last run. All things considered it ran very well, the only problem found was that the clutch was stuck through standing.
The decision was made to break the tractor (I whole heartily admit now that this was the wrong decision!!), as the backend was required for the TEF. However, as the engine was in such good condition, I am now on the lookout for a complete tractor to put the engine in. Although I have got 90% of the bits to make a full tractor (as seen in the picture above!), I feel it would be easier to find a complete tractor.

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